what we accept

Trend specializes in the re-sale of pristine high-end women’s clothing and accessories. Therefore, we are extremely selective when it comes to choosing items for re-sale. Simply put, we only accept the best of the best. 

While sorting through your clothing, our sorters are looking for items that are:

  • Currently in style
  • Currently in season
  • Properly laundered
  • A well known or high-end label
  • In MINT condition
  • Items that adhere to the demand of our clientele

Please remember that we expect you to make sure that your items are ready for sale. You want to make them look appealing to our sorters, just as we then make them appealing to our customers. This means all of your items should be neatly folded, clean and free of animal hair or lint. Please also do not treat us as a charity; while we do send items that are unsuitable for sale to charity, this does not mean that you should mix in obvious charity items into your drop off simply because you know we will just send them to charity. If you have items that you know we would send to charity, simply separate them from your consignment items and we will gladly forward them to charity for you. Doing so will also make the entire sorting process speedier for everyone including you, which means your items will make it to the sales floor even faster.

Read ahead for details about what we DON'T accept:

What we do not accept

​Please be aware that we only accept items that are in top condition. Even the smallest stain, snag, scuff, hole, etc. could deem your item not suitable for sale. It does not matter what label it was, how expensive it was, etc. If it has any sort of defect, we will NOT accept it!

Trend does NOT accept any of the following items for consignment:

  • Items that have missing buttons, broken zippers, broken buckles, etc.

  • Items that are ripped, snagged, have damaged hems, have holes and/or are in disrepair

  • Items that are dated (i.e. anything purchased BEFORE the last two years)

  • Items that are dirty, not properly laundered and/or are covered in animal hair

  • Items that are overly worn; these are commonly items that are pilly, faded or stretched out (twisted seams)

  • Items that are stained; most commonly sweat/pit stains or grease/food stains

  • Items that are out of season (please visit "What's New" to see what season we are currently accepting)

  • Shoes that are scuffed, cracked, stained, dirty, damaged or generally just too worn for sale

  • Household items (ex. lamps, candles, hair straighteners, picture frames, etc.)

  • Bridal wear (ex. bridesmaids dresses, wedding dresses, even grad dresses)

  • Men’s or children’s clothing

  • Earrings (for hygienic reasons); Unless they still have a tag

  • Swimwear, sleepwear, socks, underwear or lingerie

  • Bedding, towels, pillows, etc. 

  • Any other inappropriate items (ex. halloween costumes, work uniforms, etc.)

  • Items that are generic; this means any budget fashion items that we feel will not make us or the consignor a profit. For example, items from Joe Fresh, Forever 21, Urban Behavior, Sirens, etc. are already inexpensive to begin with, therefore neither Trend nor the consignor will make a significant profit from them. 

We ask that if you have any items that fit the above criteria, that you kindly separate them from your consignment items and mark them charity, and we would be happy to forward them to charity for you. 

Do not be offended if some of your items do not make the cut; we pride ourselves on our ability to provide an unparalleled selection to our valued customers... Simply put, we only accept the best of the best... It's just business!