How to use account credit

As mentioned on our page about The Process, when an item sells on your account you will be immediately credited 40% of the sale price of that item. You have two options for what you can do with your credit:

1. Use your credit towards in-store purchases! 


A lot of our consignors love getting rid of clothing they no longer wear and then having the ability to shop for new items with their account credit. It's almost as if they are shopping for free! Use your account credit towards purchases at any time! 

2. Request a cheque for your account balance. 

We issue cheques once a month, on the 15th of every month. If you would like a cheque for your account balance, simply give us a call and we will transfer your name to our next available Pay-Out List. 

The cut-off for each of our pay-outs is the 10th of each month. If you would like to be on a particular Monthly Pay-Out, you must call us before the 10th of that particular month. Otherwise, we will simply transfer your account to our next available pay-out. 

Once you have requested a Pay-Out, you will then be able to pick up your cheque any time on or after the 15th of that particular month. If you live in the city of the store that you requested a pay-out at, you must come and pick up your cheque. If you do not live in the city of the store that you requested a pay-out at, we can mail your cheque to you. Please ensure your mailing address and phone number are correct and up-to-date by giving us a call to update your information with us.  

Please note that we do not issue cheques for account balances that are under $20. If your account balance is under $20, you may only use your credit in-store. 

Please also note that you do not have to choose one of these options only; you may use your credit in-store and pick up cheques if you so desire. The two options are interchangeable. If you find something in our store that you would like to buy, you may use your credit regardless of whether or not you are on a pay-out list. For example, we have customers who have come in to pick up their cheque only to find something that they want to buy. They pay for the item with their credit and then pick up a cheque for the rest of their balance.