The process from start to finish

After you drop off your clothing, it will be sent to our sorters who will sort through it and select suitable items for sale. Remember, anything that they feel is unsuitable for sale will be automatically forwarded to charity for you. 

Once your clothing has been sorted, the process goes as follows:

  • Your clothing is hung in an organized fashion and placed behind other pending accounts waiting to be made ready for sale

  • Your clothing will be steamed to get all the wrinkles out and make it look great on our sales floor

  • Once your clothing has been steamed, each item will be priced and logged onto your account (we have a computer database for all of our accounts)

  • We then print out your tags and carefully attach them to your items

  • Once your clothing is tagged, our friendly sales associates then put your items onto our impeccably organized sales floor for sale

The length of time it takes for your clothing to make it to the sales floor from the day that you dropped it off varies depending on the point in the season that we are at and how many drop offs we are receiving on a daily basis. Generally, it will take about 2 - 3 weeks to get your clothing onto the floor but it may take a bit longer if we are right at the beginning of a season change as that is the time when we receive the most drop offs. Please keep in mind that we receive anywhere from 30 - 50 drop offs a day so please be patient! We also put hundreds of new items onto our sales floor daily so we are constantly working hard to get your items out as fast as we possibly can.  

Visit our What's New page for up to date information about how long the sorting process is taking at all of our locations. 

the selling period

Once your clothing has been tagged and put onto our sales floor, it will get one month (i.e. 30 days) to sell.

You will receive 40% of the sale price (which is determined by management) as your items sell. Anything that has not sold after this one month period will be pulled from our sales floor and sent to charity.

You have 3 options for what you can do about any clothing that has not sold on your account:

  1. You may let your clothing expire and we will send it to charity for you

      2. You may pick up any items that have not sold BEFORE your expiry date 

Once your clothing has sold, your account will immediately be credited 40% of the sale price of each item that has sold. Your account credit never expires. Please note that we issue coupons to customers sometimes and if a customer chooses to use a coupon on your item, it will affect the sale price of that item. 

Visit our Using Account Credit tab for information on what you can do with your account credit. 


It is solely the consignor's responsibility to manage their own account. This means that the consignor must keep track of their own expiry dates and call us to let us know what they would like done with their account, their credit and/or their clothing. 

It is the consignor's responsibility to either call us or check online for their expiry dates and to make note of these dates for themselves. We will not, under any circumstances, notify you when your clothing is about to expire nor will we notify you when your clothing has been sent to charity. It is up to you to keep track of your clothing. 

If you wish to pick up your clothing that has not sold, you must call us at least TWO days BEFORE your expiry date to let us know that you would like to pick up any items that did not sell. We strongly advise against calling us on the actual day that your clothing expires as it could have already been pulled from the sales floor that morning.