how to start an account with us

  • Simply go through your closet and pick out all the gently used clothing and accessories that you no longer wear and are ready to part with.

  • Make sure your items are properly laundered (we do not have a laundry service), in style (we only accept items that were purchased within the last 2 years), in perfect condition (absolutely NO stains, damages, etc.) and in season (please visit our What's New page for information about what season we are currently accepting for consignment).

  • Neatly fold your clothing and place it into bags. Please refrain from dropping off your items in paper bags (we throw drop offs down a chute and paper bags break open). We also do not accept items in boxes, bins or on hangers. 

  • No need for ironing; we steam each item before it is put onto our sales floor. 

  • You may drop off your clothing at any time that we are open! There is never a time when we are not accepting consignment; drop off year-round without complications! 

  • We have a 2 garbage bag maximum (or the equivalent) per drop-off. If you have more than this amount to bring in, you can still drop it off on a different day than your previous drop-off. 

  • We do not do appointments; when you bring in your very first drop-off, we will get you to fill out a contract which takes about 5 - 10 minutes. You will then be issued an account number.

  • Your stuff will then go downstairs and get sorted by our knowledgeable sorters. We do not sort through your items with you. There are no exceptions to this rule! 


Anything that the sorters feel is unsuitable for sale will AUTOMATICALLY be forwarded to charity for you. We DO NOT return items to you that we decide not to keep for sale! We also will NOT notify you when your items have been sent to charity. Once your items have been deemed unsuitable for sale, there is no way that you can retrieve them. We STRONGLY advise you to only drop off items that you are ready to part with! 

Please also do not drop off items that would cause you to be upset if they are sent to charity. Do not assume that certain items of yours will definitely make it to our sales floor because you think they are suitable for our store. Our sorters are trained to notice even the smallest defects on items and they inspect all items thoroughly. A small stain or snag that you may not have noticed will definitely get noticed by our sorters and that item will get sent to charity. 

Remember; we only keep the best of the best because that is what our customers expect of us. Our sorters have extensive knowledge of how our store works, what sells best and at what price. If you do not trust their judgement and if you are not ok with our policies, please do not consign with us! 

While we previously offered a return service, we found that no one would return to pick up their items and it became necessary to change this policy.

Click on the "How To Consign" tab at the top for more details about consigning with us!